Our Programme

Emagqabini Education Academy has four strategic pillars that guide our program to support high school learners to reach their full potential so that they achieve their goals of gaining access to tertiary education or a better post-school opportunity. We see the pillars as complementary to each other and each one plays an important role in supporting young township and rural youth to a dignified life.

Basic Education
In the pilot year we learnt that learners lacked the foundational skills in literacy and numeracy to enable them to perform better in the higher grades of high school. This made us take a decision to support learners from grade 8 to grade 10; assisting them to grasp concepts that they find challenging through tutoring and supplying additional learning resources. We then support these learners up to grade 12. The aim with this pillar is to support learners to improve their grades and assist them to develop confidence in approaching challenging subjects and forming their own workload management strategies. The learners get access to 6 hours of tutoring per week.

Life Skills
The life skills pillar focuses on providing access to places or experiences that the learners would not necessarily be exposed to. Learners are taken on educational cultural experiences on a quarterly basis. In addition, during the school holidays learners are also given an opportunity to join the entrepreneurship club – where they can get an investment in their own business. The aim of this pillar is to expose the learners to life beyond the township and broaden their horizons with regards to their possibilities. Through the entrepreneurship club we also intend to develop their entrepreneurial thinking and expose them to a different option than being employed –  and have them know that they too can create opportunities for themselves and other people.

Learner Inspiration
The learner inspiration pillar serves to inspire learners to find their interest and self-motivation. The question here is – what is it that motivates them to wake-up every morning? We assist them to cultivate internal and self-driven motivation so that they may keep focused on reaching their goals. We do this through making positive role-models visible in the form of job-shadowing placements; hosting career expositions; inviting professionals that come from a similar background to share their journey to ‘success’ and one-on-one mentorship (for grade 12s only).

Parent Involvement
We provide a space for parents to share learner support tools and strategies with each other. We also encourage the parents to support the learners’ learning and development at home by keeping them informed of learner progress and aspirations.

The Future Ignitors Hub
The Future Ignitors Hub supports learners with post-school opportunities like; internship information/ placements; upgrading of matric results and assistance to apply to tertiary, NSFAS and post-school opportunities.